Marv and Olouse

Marv and Olouse
Bandon, OR. 1981?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

We did group publicity photos from the very beginning of the troupe. I found some of the originals, in fact, I found the very first one where we built a tent of Inidan bedspread tapestries from the 1960's, put some props in it and had a friend take some shots. Carol Fulcher and I are standing on the left in back. Muz, Marty and Steven Brown are the musicians, and CeCe and Jennifer are lounging in front.
Obviously we got a little more sophisticated at this process. We started selecting two shots a year, one on the ethnic side, one in more cabaret style poses so we could supply our employer with the appropriate shot. This one was taken before Marj retired. I always liked this shot and even have it in color, although printing 81/2x11 color photos was cost-prohibitive back in the day. We could never justify printing them up to actually use, so they sit in my box of photos, looking nice.
And this one was done right after she left when Gwynne Stutzman actually moved to this side of the mountains to join the troupe! Both of these are "ethnic". We tried to mix it up. For more educational shows we presented several folkloric dances with program sheets or real full on programs that gave a little history about the dances and areas they came from. At bars and taverns, nightclubs and such, the shows showed more skin, were more "rock n roll". We were a Rock n Roll Belly Dance Troupe.

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