Marv and Olouse

Marv and Olouse
Bandon, OR. 1981?

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Lost and found

A few old photos I found:
This was a blank poster that Marilyn Bennet
created for us, back in the days of Xerox

Yasmela-Dere at Pt. Roberts
We sang this as we came on stage
and danced during the chorus breaks

Mustapha (Muzzy) on the davul
Cenguiz (Marty) on the conga
with Shayla off to the left
Yasmela on the glasses at Pt. Roberts


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  2. hello from algérie town ( bou-saada) want know why Bou-Saada Dance Troupe take this name group...if have any old photo from my town am will be happy if you sent to mail is

  3. Hi- I just stumbled on this earlier tonight and really enjoyed it. I'm an OLD friend of Marty's (pre-Bou-Saada, Central Valley), and have lost track of him. I'm wondering if you've kept up with him, and know what he's doing now, or if he's still around. (Hate asking that question, but with age . . . )

    I'm not too familiar with Blogger, so this was the only way I could find to contact you. In searching, I looked at your profile, and found some of your other blogs. Enjoyed some of your Haight musings - some good memories, thanks - and your travel notes, since I have a good friend who's now an ex-pat in Thailand - but now I've got more reading to do ! !

    I see this blog has little recent activity, and, again, unsure of how this works, I'll likely try to duplicate this on one of your more recent posts elsewhere . . . hope it's not too bothersome.

    WHOA . . . before sending, I got a whole LOT of 'terms and conditions', and legalese from Google . . . hope I pass all the tests, and this gets to you, eventually . . . SteveR